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Reflection for April 21, 2024

Reflection for April 21, 2024

Responding to God's call

Embracing our vocation daily

by Sister Carolyn Zahringer

April 21    has been set aside by Pope Francis as the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. In Pope Francis’ writing on this occasion last year he stated: “This providential initiative seeks to assist the members of the People of God to respond to the call and mission that the Lord entrusts to each of us ...” (Pope Francis 2023, Vocation: Grace and Mission)

Sometimes we look at vocation as a call to priesthood, religious life, or diaconate. All Christians have a vocation to be “Christ-bearers” in our world today, every day. On Holy Saturday we renewed our baptismal promises to live a life “worthy of our calling.” May we live into what that calling means each day.

  • How can we be more Christ-like in a world starving for “Christ’s likeness” alive today?
  • How can we live our “I DO” believe more faithfully each day?

Each day may we rise to the occasions that present themselves.

Happy Easter Season!


04/19/2024 6:23 am

Thanks, Carrie, for the beautiful reflection questions.

04/19/2024 8:19 am

Thanks, Carolyn, for reminding us that we all have a vocation to be "Chris-bearers". A good reminder to be "Christ-bearers" today and day by day.

Ellen Kane
04/19/2024 8:50 am

Thanks for the reminder to live our Easter calling, Sr. Carrie. Christ is risen within us, expressed in our lives of love, caring, and kindness.

04/19/2024 10:49 am

I have always enjoyed your reflections and this one brings to mind that I should always display the love and peace that God has in my life.

Debra Haven
04/23/2024 12:53 pm

My 7 yr. old granddaughter has asked to come to church with me on Sunday mornings. She's most attentive of every action at the altar clasping her small hands into prayer form. Thank-you Lord for the gift of faith. May her faith stay alive as she witnesses God's love in her young life.

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