Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for April 1, 2018

So much more than an Easter bonnet

by Sister Jane Riha

Are you wearing your new Easter clothes on Sunday?  It is common for people to don something new on Easter.  Those from a certain era will remember this portion of a song, “In your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it ..."  We don’t wear bonnets nowadays but we might wear a special decorative hat.

The garments that persons of all ages are called to wear during this Easter Season are garments that are full of light, joy and peace.  Christ, our Risen Lord, the Light of the World, is in our midst.  The Gospel of John tells us about three persons, witnesses to an empty tomb.  Mary of Magdala came in the early morning when it was still dark.  Surprised she runs to tell Peter and “the other disciple” whom we believe was John.  They go into the tomb together and then this beautiful phrase follows: "He saw and he believed."  This "other disciple" believed.  He did not just look but he saw the significance of what had taken place.  White burial garments were left behind because the Risen Jesus was robed in light and glory.

All three -- Mary of Magdala, Peter and John -- were faithful disciples. I believe they all "saw and believed."  I invite you to enter into this Gospel and place yourself there.  Pray the Gospel and wait for the Risen Lord to reveal His presence to you. The garments of joy, light and peace will reveal themselves.  Most of all may these garments remain deep within your heart.  You are ready now to go out as a disciple and share the Good News of the Gospel.

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God bless you wonderful, loving, caring ladies! Happy Easter!

This is beautiful for all of us to remember why we are all here. Thank you sister for this subject.

This is a beautiful reflection. Yes, this Easter may we clothe ourselves in light.

A higher power. Higher thinking skills. The highest good.

These are some 'resurrection-ascension' expressions I think of as I reflect on the young students who are speaking up and marching for their lives in their wake-up call to all of us to LISTEN to the Cries for Non-Violence.

JESUS lived from the highest of thinking skills possible; JESUS acted from the highest power available; JESUS lived, acted, and taught for the highest good of ALL People.

We need to learn from, follow the example of, integrate and take-to- heart JESUS: his thinking, his insightful-ness, his creativity and healing ways, his redemptive work, his highest vision for humanity.

If I keep my sight on JESUS in these ways, this will become Easter for me.

If we keep our sight on JESUS in these ways, this will become Easter for each and all of us, and most importantly, for those who suffer oppression, injustice, and violence.

Easter joy & blessings to you all

Happy Easter to you, wonderful women of God!. You do so much good and set an example for all of us!

Thank you Sister Jane. A Blessed Easter to you and yours!


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