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Reflection for April 1, 2012

Reflection for April 1, 2012

This Sunday, let us keep our palms

by Sister Agnes Fischer

Let's keep the palms which were blessed today and with which we proclaim that Christ is our King.

Let's put them in our home not to prevent thieves from entering (they don't serve for this); rather to remember daily the victory of Christ and the victory that Christians can attain only by carrying the Cross every day.

Let's put them in our home not to stave off bad luck (they don't serve for this either); rather to help us remember that, after acclaiming Christ, we must treat all who enter (and all we meet outside) as brothers and sisters also redeemed by that same Christ.

Let's put a piece of palm in our car not to prevent a mishap on the road; rather to remind us to treat other motorists as we would have them treat us.

Let's keep, then, our palms; not as a magical object, rather as a remembrance of this day and this wonderful week.

Thank you, Aggie, for suggesting that we keep our palm branches as a reminder of Christ's victory...his entrance into Jerusalem to sounds of acclaim. It was the beginning of His Holy Week journey. I will keep my palms, braid them, and place them behind the cross. I'll also keep one in the car this year.

Have a blessed Holy Week!

Thanks Aggie for the reminder of why we display our palms

Aggie, thanks for the very specific ways you cited to 'carry our palms'. You have a special gift for writing in this way. Thanks so much!


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