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Holy Week Reflection Series

Holy Saturday: The Night Watch of the Resurrection

Even in our solitude we can  contemplate the Mystery and proclaim "Alleluia" by Sister Elise Cholewinski Throughout his life St. Francis of Assisi dealt with the tension between the call to proclaim... Read More

Holy Week Reflection Series

Good Friday: Identifying with Jesus' losses and suffering

Pandemic  may have many of us relating to the Cross in a new way  by Sister Elise Cholewinski When we gaze upon Jesus nailed to a cross, we see a picture of total poverty. Hanging there naked in... Read More

Holy Week Reflection Series

Holy Thursday: Jesus demonstrates humble servanthood

What's behind our reluctance to let the King wash our feet -- or sins?  by Sister Elise Cholewinski St. Francis of Assisi has indicated in his Admonitions that those who are placed over others should... Read More

Holy Week Reflection Series

Wednesday of Holy Week: How could I not pray?

(photo: Palm Sunday at St. Francis Convent, Green Bay) No matter his responsibilities or time commitments, St. Francis of Assisi made prayer a priority by Sister Laura Zelten Our lives are so easily... Read More

Holy Week Reflection Series

Tuesday of Holy Week: Chrism Mass

The oils of our Church mark us for mission and ministry by Sister Elise Cholewinski “Rebuild my church.” Having heard this message twice from the Lord in the church of Sam Damiano, St. Francis of... Read More

Holy Week Reflection Series

Monday of Holy Week: Extravagant Love

To know Christ is to serve others without cost as Mary of Bethany and St. Francis of Assisi did by Sister Laura Zelten In today’s Gospel from St. John, we hear of Mary of Bethany anointing the feet... Read More

Holy Week Reflection Series

Palm Sunday: 'Love is not loved' shouted St. Francis

As Jesus - Love Incarnate - enters Jerusalem with which bystander do we identify?  by Sister Elise Cholewinski There was an occasion when St. Francis of Assisi moved through his town weeping and... Read More

Reflection for April 5, 2020

A different kind of Holy Week

Jesus' example of mercy over suffering is helpful with today's  hardships by Sister Jane Riha Holy Week begins on Sunday with the journey into Jerusalem that will ultimately culminate on Calvary. The... Read More

Reflection for March 29, 2020

Again and again and again

Jesus never gives up in His pursuit of us  by Renae Bauer “Lazarus, come out!” ~ John 11:43 Jesus goes to great lengths in Sunday’s Gospel to teach his disciples in Jerusalem and Bethany that He is... Read More

Reflection for March 22, 2020

Chosen for this moment

Just as Samuel chose the unlikely David, we have been chosen to  show God's hope and generosity by Sister Ann Rehrauer As I reflected on this Sunday’s Scriptures, one of retired Bishop Robert Banks’... Read More