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Reflection for Sept. 7, 2014

Reflection for Sept. 7, 2014

Sunday's readings have much to say about human trafficking

by Sister Annette Koss

Wisconsin is the third highest state in the U.S. for human trafficking, according to local police. Milwaukee and Highway 41 increase this corridor of evil.

On September 11, a group of 11 persons, our sisters and members of Holy Spirit Parish, Darboy-Kimberly, will attend the 2014 Women's Fund Annual Luncheon at the Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton. This awareness and fund-raising event will be filled to capacity with 1,000 people in attendance! The featured speaker is Rachel Lloyd, trafficked at 16 and a now survivor and leader. In 1998, at just 25, she founded GEMS, Girls Educational and Mentoring Services. Rachel made an indelible impact to shift the perception of trafficked girls from criminals to victims and now to survivors and leaders. She co-produced the documentary "Very Young Girls," and wrote the book "Girls Like Us." Rachel has advocated for survivors at the White House, the United Nations and before Congress. The GEMS training program will coming to the Fox Cities this year.

In our readings for the 23rd Sunday, Ezekiel strongly encouraged us to warn the wicked, the psalmist says that we should harden not our hearts, Matthew tells us to gather together in the name of Jesus, and Paul makes it clear that love does no evil to the neighbor.


Sr. Annette thank you so much for this informative information. I did not know there was such a service. I can't do a lot but I can pray for them every day.

So easy to think this is a problem somewhere, not all around us.

Great job.

Nettie, thank you for again raising our awareness.

Thank you for the GEMS organization and about Rachel Lloyd. I read the book "Half the Sky" and learned how women are still being mistreated.


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