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Reflection for Sept. 22, 2013

Reflection for Sept. 22, 2013

Dishonest at first, the master's steward makes right his wrongs

by Renae Bauer

Dishonest or clever?

That's the question we might ponder after reading Sunday's Gospel, the parable of the "dishonest" steward. Here's a guy who squanders what his master entrusted to him and then is praised by the master for collecting only a portion of debts still owed by several merchants. What is going on?

Let's focus on the last few verses where Jesus says, "The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones." How does this relate to the dishonest steward?  One thing we can certainly say is that the steward made some bold decisions when he lost his job.  He contacted the master's debtors and reworked their debts to reflect only the amount owed to the master (forgoing the steward's commission).

Ah-ha. Facing a crisis, the steward moves heaven and earth to return to the master what is his. Is he trustworthy in small matters? The master thinks so.

Chapters 29 & 30, US Catholic Catechism for Adults

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

You Shall Not Kill.
You Shall Not Commit Adultery.

The Fifth and Sixth Commandments call us to a love and respect for all people.  As Catholics, we are challenged to bring these commandments to life by our witness of non-violence, compassion and just treatment of others.

The notion that the steward was forgoing his commission is an eye opener. Thanks!

Renae, thanks for the thought-provoking reflection on the reading about the unjust steward. It's never too late to take a turn in the right direction.

Thanks for adding some clarity to the difficult parable.


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