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Reflection for Oct. 9, 2011

Reflection for Oct. 9, 2011

by Sister Lynne Marie Simonich

Often when we are invited to a special celebration or meal we are asked to RSVP.  Our Gospel today is full of examples of those who did not respond to a request to attend a wedding feast.  The king's son was to be married and the king wanted a full house for the feast.  When few responded, he sent his servants out to bring in guests - good and bad alike.  One guest was asked to leave because he was not dressed in a wedding garment.

As I reflected on this gospel, I thought about that wedding garment.  What would that wedding garment be?  Would anyone purposely come to such a feast and be dressed improperly?

Perhaps the wedding garment could be a proper attitude or loving service or gratitude.  This man had been chosen to come to the feast; perhaps he did nothing to merit the honor of being invited.  Whatever the reason, he was tossed out of the banquet.  He did not live up to what was required.

Your reflection brought Bishop Morneau's homily to mind. Once when a celebrant for a wedding at a church in Chicago a man who appeared homeless walked in during the wedding and was walking up the aisle toward the bride and groom. Everything stopped while four guests walked the man to the back of the church. When Bishop Morneau asked one of the men about it after the wedding, he told him the man wanted to give the bride and groom a dollar. Though he was not "dressed" for a wedding he had love in his heart - our greatest wedding garment.


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