Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for Oct. 22, 2017

by Sister Agnes Fischer

At times I may think that God’s loving actions in our world are restricted to those who believe as I do. In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus and the religious leaders in Jerusalem continue their tense exchange of questions and challenges. Those who don’t think as Jesus does hand Him a coin bearing the image of Caesar.  In Jesus' hand, the coin takes on new meaning.

It becomes the image of people in need, of people who think they need nothing, of believers and non-believers. It becomes my own image. It becomes an image of value, great worth, and dignity because those who need me and those who think they don’t need anyone are made in God’s image and likeness as am I.

I can be Christ’s hands holding that coin. In many encounters, the opportunity to increase a person’s worth is within my reach. Do I recognize authentic love and goodness in this world and give thanks to God wherever I encounter it, whether among the poor and the weak or among the high and the mighty?

Do I hold out my hand to those who don’t think as I do?


As I see it, JESUS offered opportunities for conversion and growth to EVERYONE; to the wealthy and powerful, he offered words and stories that were meant to help them see how they are meant to use their wealth and power to empower and assist those lacking in it. To the poor and powerless, he offered encouragement, hope, and empowerment. I want to learn from JESUS! :+)

Very good, Aggie. It is tough to hold one’s hand out to those who I think are different. Thanks for the challenge.

Thank You Sister Agnes for reminding me to give Him thanks when He presents an opportunity for me to reach out and help build up another persons worth and dignity!

I appreciate your insights, Sr. Aggie. I recall that St. Francis thought of money as so much dung. As you suggest, the coins have value because of the way we use them to help others.


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