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Reflection for Nov. 3, 2013

Reflection for Nov. 3, 2013

Believing in Jesus converts us from 'takers'to 'givers'


by Sister Francis Bangert

Are you a "taker" or a "giver"?  Zaccheus, short of stature, was a taker-turned-giver.  His hunger for riches drove him to betray his own people by collecting taxes for the oppressive Roman government. Then he met Jesus, the Face of Compassion, and was changed dramatically.  Zaccheus "saw" the needs of others and not only paid back what he owed, but gave more than he took.

There's a Zaccheus in all of us.  When has my hunger for:

Trampling the needs or feelings of others is being a "taker." Seeing the needs of others and responding by choice (paying back) is being a giver. Generosity generates happiness and enhances self-esteem (stature). Have I truly met Jesus?

Chapters 33 and 34, US Catholic Catechism for Adults

by Sister Mary Kabat

This reflection concludes the section in the US Catholic Catechism for Adults on the Ten Commandments.  It has been a reflection on our relationship with God and our neighbor.  It has been a reflection on our moral life which always begins and ends by looking at the life of Jesus.  We are called to be holy, to be moral, and to be fulfilled in the way God intends for us.

Living the Ninth and Tenth Commandments forms a basis for living as neighbor, living in community and in solidarity.  Living the Ninth and Tenth Commandments can help us become a countercultural sign and so help reverse our society's values on sexual permissiveness and materialism.


Sister Fran,
Thank you for helping me to see the "Zaccheus" in myself and inspiring me to lift people up just as Jesus does!!! Great inspiration!
Thank you! Loretta

Thank you, Fran, for your thoughts on Zaccheus. He is a very interesting, creative, person. May we be so creative in wanting Jesus!

I recently visited St. John's Homeless Center for the first time. What an excellent use of that structure. We are not only helping those in need, we are giving many people in the community a chance to show God's love by helping those less fortunate.
It is a grace for both groups.

Sister Fran...I LOVED your commentary! You did an excellent job of presenting the taker and giver. Especially liked your comment: "Trampling the needs or feelings of others is being a "taker." I am teaching 7 and 8 grade CCD this year. I will definitely work that comment into my class this next week!

Thank you Sister Fran for your reflection on Zaccheus. You also gave me much to think about with your questions.


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