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Reflection for Nov. 15, 2020

Reflection for Nov. 15, 2020

Industrious faith

The worthy wife and  2 servants show the importance of using our God- given gifts

by Sister Agnes Fischer

The beautiful woman in this Sunday's first reading from Proverbs 31 certainly did not bury her talents in the ground, but rather exercised and enhanced them much like the first two men in the Gospel (Mt. 25:14-30).

These are people who are not afraid:

  • To get involved when a friend or neighbor has a problem or is in trouble.
  • To be generous and willing to give whatever is necessary: time, understanding, companionship, help, pardon …
  • To be aware of the tears of another and do what they can to alleviate them.

Maybe it’s time to dig up that buried talent and put it to work.


Father Bill Jacobs
11/13/2020 6:49 am

Thanks for your Reflection, Sister! I love the closing suggestions for each of us. I make a "running list" of what I can do each day in categories like you suggested. Some days, I'll just say, Lord, what do you want me to do today & ideas pop into my thinking..

In God's Never-ending Love & Mercy,

Fr. Bill Jacobs

P.S. Thanks to all the Good Sisters for their Prayers for the Jacobs Family & our Dear Sister, Celina, who went home to the Father on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Sister Rose Jochmann
11/13/2020 10:04 am

Hi, Aggie,

I like your reflections. They are concise, but, full of good guidance. You practical examples are helpful and challenge us to respond.

11/13/2020 10:06 am

Each new day is a calling when we take time to be still, listen, create space, and discern the Spirit within.

Irene Whatley
11/13/2020 12:07 pm

I am acutely aware of a problem that is happening now and the depression it is causing. All i can do is pray and hope for compassion of those that can do something.

Mary Freeman
11/14/2020 3:14 pm

How awesome to listen for the Spirit to guide us each day. Our talents are to be shared reaching out to make someone’s day brighter.

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