Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for May 20, 2018

by Sister Agnes Fischer

If I had a friend who was at the same time a wise lawyer, doctor, psychologist, marriage counselor, computer expert and economist I would be extremely fortunate. Well, today each of us is that fortunate.

On Pentecost, we not only remember the coming of the Holy Spirit but also celebrate the Holy Spirit's enduring presence. The Greek word for Holy Spirit is "Paraclete," which means "one who is at your side":

It is this same friend whom we ask in Sunday's alleluia to "fill the hearts of the faithful with the fires of your love."

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CommentBubbleI love what you have done here, Sr. Agnes, as you have made the Spirit-of-God-within-us VERY REAL for us. That is so needed today: to see the Holy Spirit at work in very real, genuinely caring and truth-filled ways. There are no lies in God; there is no deceit in Christ; there are no un-truths in the Holy Spirit. (Jn.14:17; Jn.15:26) The Holy Spirit is the leader and guide into ALL truth.

I am so happy to hear all of this because as we get to know the Holy Spirit more and more, as is so necessary for our Times, we come to more and more discern what is truly right and good and just, and what is deceptive and scheming. When we speak up for what is right and good and just and healing for others, we, too, are being "Advocates-of-God's-Truth-and-Peace-and-Justice." Just as the Holy Spirit is named, "Advocate," (Jn.14:26; Jn.15:26; Jn.16:7) so, too, do we, with the Spirit-living-in-us, become advocates for the rights and fullness-of-life-well-being-potential-promise-peace for others.

The Holy Spirit is, indeed, and in deed, our Advocate and Truth-teller in each and all of these: !! :+)

to console us in our sadness
to counsel us in our doubts
to animate us when we are discouraged
to strengthen us in our struggles
to teach us to love

"A Very Rich, Enflamed, Enflaming Feast of Pentecost for each and all!"

+ Bless +

CommentBubbleAg, love your reflection! Thanks for adding to my perspective that the Holy Spirit is that all encompassing friend who stands by our side though it all. Laura

CommentBubbleThank you, Sister Aggie, for the reminder what our friend the Holy Spirit does for us. -- Bert

CommentBubbleThanks, Aggie, for reminding us that the Holy Spirit is always there for us in so many ways. You have also provided us with a beautiful refresher on what it means to be a friend. I am blessed to have called you my friend for the last 70 years, which makes me a very lucky lady indeed!! -- Bette



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