Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for March 5, 2017

by Sister Agnes Fischer

St. Paul tells us that, though Original Sin was bad news for us, through Jesus we are justified. What does Jesus ask of us during Lent in order to participate in His good news at Easter?

Then, we will be able to say with Jesus, “I will adore the Lord my God and God only I will serve.”


Thanks, Sr Agnes, for this inspiring reflection. A good reminder of the fast we are called during this Lenten Season.

Beautiful. Beautiful acts of loving kindness. Beautiful understanding of Grace.

If I can pray with this beautiful image of God's overflowing and abundant GIFT of Grace, pouring out into humbled, contrite, and repentant hearts .... making them more kind, more loving, more patient ...... and also see JESUS as the Ultimate GIFT and MANIFESTATION of God's Gracious Mercy, I can 'become' what I pray and imagine ..........

"... how MUCH MORE did the GRACE of God,
of the One Man, JESUS Christ,
overflow for the many." Rom. 5:12:15

Be a little more forgiving

Aggie, you have such a gift to synthesize with depth. Thanks.

Sr. Agnes thank you for a wonderful reflection. Reading the gestures listed made me realize I have some things to work on.

Good reminders for everyday life during Lent and always. Sometimes it's the little things that matter the most. Thank you.

The "little more" is doable with God's abundant love flowing without measure!


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