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Reflection for June 21, 2015

As Jesus calms the stormy seas he, too, calms life's rough waters

by Sister Madonna Swintkoske

Whenever I read this Scripture passage of Jesus calming the storm, I think of the time our family walked to my grandmother's in the winter.  When we came to the river, I would not cross the ice until my mother said, "Would your father take you anywhere that would harm you?"  My fears were calmed and I crossed to the other side with my family.

The event of this Scripture account is not something which happened once; it is something which still happens and which can happen for us.  In the presence of Jesus we can have peace even in the wildest storms of life.  Jesus gives us peace in the storms of anxiety.  Enemies of peace are worry and fear.  But Jesus tells us of a Father who will never cause us to fear or worry.  In the storm of anxiety Jesus brings us the peace of a loving Father.

For Father's Day we thank God for our earthly fathers and for God our heavenly Father.


Thanks, Madonna, for the inspiring reflection! The idea of it repeating in life was a good reminder for me.

Madonna, your sharing of your Mother's comment is precious. You were blessed with a loving Father & Mother. Thanks

Life has many rough seas. Thank you for the reminder that God never leaves us to overcome those rough seas by ourselves. A very up-lifting Reflection on this Father's Day weekend.

A lovely correspondence, thank you Sister Madonna. I plan to share it with my own earthly father and husband as well!

Thanks, Madonna, You walk the talk. Peace

Keeper: "Would your father take you anywhere that would harm you?"


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