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Reflection for June 1, 2014

Reflection for June 1, 2014

Seeing doesn't always lead to believing so trust the eyes of your heart

by Sister Annette Koss

In Luke's Acts, we read what the two messengers said, "Why are you standing there looking at the sky?" In Matthew, we read, "When they saw him, they worshiped, but doubted."

It's an illusion to think that if we saw the risen Jesus with our own eyes, we would be firm believers. We often experience that faith and doubt exist together. Paul talks about a new kind of seeing, a deeper kind of knowing -- the inner heart has eyes to see.

Even though the disciples doubt, Jesus commissions them. Here at the end of the Gospel are seven themes for disciples:



Really great reflection! Thanks Nettie for insight that faith and doubt can exist together.

This reflection really opened my eyes. Great reflection!


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