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Reflection for July 15, 2012

Reflection for July 15, 2012

Once we hear the Good News we are empowered to share it

by Sr. Mary Kabat

Pray the Scripture passages the Church has chosen for us this Sunday and we see that our relationship with God/Jesus is not something static and unchanging but rather is alive and growing.  It is not something to be achieved but rather a journey to be made.

The prophet Amos was living quietly as a shepherd and a trimmer of sycamore trees when God chose him and sent him to, "Go, prophesy to my people."  In the passage from Mark's Gospel the apostles are being challenged to take a big step in their relationship with Jesus.  Up to that moment they have been "followers" -- listening, seeking to understand, witnessing Jesus' encounters with sinners and the sick and coming to believe that Jesus was the Messiah.  Now Jesus is sending them to speak his words and act on behalf of others as he has done in his name.  It is a big step in their growing faith and commitment to Jesus.  We could say they are being challenged to ride the bike without training wheels or the parent's steadying strong hand over the wheel.

What about you?  Has Jesus been speaking to your heart and guiding you to a new step in your faith journey?  Is Jesus sending you, beyond your comfort zone, to speak and act in new ways for him, for your good or the good of his people?  If so, pick up your walking stick and take the first step.

Thank you Sister Mary for reminding me that I too need to step out of my comfort zone occasionally. Many times listening/following is much more comfortable than speaking to family and others of my faith experiences and love for God.

Thank you for this reflection. It's been a tough two years...outside my comfort zone. And the journey continues.

Thanks for your message, Mary. If we listen carefully, the nudge to move beyond our comfort zone can be heard. But what do I do then?????


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