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Reflection for July 13, 2014

Reflection for July 13, 2014

Tender care of our hearts and minds allows God's seeds to bear fruit

by Sister Agnes Fischer

In Sunday's Gospel, Jesus talks about seeds eaten by birds, dried up by the sun, choked by thorns, and about seeds that produce good fruit.

Watch out for the birds, the drying sun, the thorns ...

... so that the seeds of God's Word can take root and bear fruit.


WoW! Really good questions! I'll never look at "seeds" and their "produce," especially in the context of this parable, the same way, again! Really good questions that unite "love of neighbor" with real-life social justice issues! Thank you, Sr. Agnes!

These questions really made me think. Excellent reflection! Thanks Sr. Aggie!

Great and very relevant questions. Thanks for giving me a reminder to look at situations with love in my heart and an open, reflective mind.

EXCELLENT reflection, Sister. I wish this could be shared for publication in the diocesan newspaper, The Compass.

Very good questions! What has happened to our world? Love is the answer to all the difficult and challenging questions. We can be role models to others by showing our love and through prayer.

So much wisdom in simple sentences, Thanks Aggie!

Well done, Aggie. Thanks.

Great questions. Now, to live the answers.


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