Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for Jan. 18, 2015

Here I am. You called me. I'm eager to do your will!

by Sister Mary Kabat

Doesn't it bring a smile and a swell of pride when you see your child or grandchild eagerly wanting to help you though the task is beyond his or her strength or ability?  Picture such a time when you hear the story from the First Book of Samuel of young Samuel waking to the Lord's call and eagerly running to Eli who he mistakenly thought was calling.  Picture such a time when you hear the story from the Gospel of John of the two disciples, one being Andrew, eagerly following Jesus and of Andrew bringing the news, "We have found the Messiah," to his brother Peter.

Jesus tells us we need to welcome and receive the Kingdom of God as a child does.  Let us listen, watch, and respond to the Lord's call each day -- eager to pray, eager to love, eager to serve, eager to offer our challenges and sufferings. As children, we will bring joy to our God.



After all these years I am finally learning to hear God in my heart and to see Him in people & situations! Thanks, Mary, for a great reflection.

A great comparison, Sister. Let us live the joy of the Gospel.

Thank you, Sister Mary, for repeating the word EAGER reminding me to be more EAGER in my response to the Lord's call.


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