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Reflection for Feb. 3, 2013

Reflection for Feb. 3, 2013

Faithfulness to God requires sacrifices

by Sister Laura Zelten

From the perspective of Catholic Social Teaching, three themes emerge from this Sunday's readings.

Reflection questions:

chapter 9YrOfFaithCatechesis, US Catholic Catechism for Adults

by Sister Mary Kabat

We received the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity, at our Baptism and Confirmation.  Sealed with the Holy Spirit we are strengthened, inspired and encouraged each day to pursue the mission of Christ and proclaim the love of Christ to all people.

The Holy Spirit at Pentecost transformed the fearful Apostles into courageous missionaries.  That same Holy Spirit transforms us into dwelling places and missionaries for Christ, and the Spirit can change those to whom we bring the message and love of Christ.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of you love.



Thank you, S. Laura, for such insightful reflections on the challenges within and around each of us -- to live the values of the Gospel!


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