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Reflection for April 5, 2020

Reflection for April 5, 2020

A different kind of Holy Week

Jesus' example of mercy over suffering is helpful with today's  hardships
by Sister Jane Riha

Holy Week begins on Sunday with the journey into Jerusalem that will ultimately culminate on Calvary. The experience of Holy Week 2020 will be very different for those of us accustomed to being in church for many days during Holy Week. I invite you to participate in Holy Week through the particular circumstances of your life and experience the Scriptures as they are reflected in your life.

The Gospel of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ is the most powerful of the readings for this Sunday. Here we encounter stories in the lives of diverse personalities within the greater story of Jesus' passion. You may identify with one of the persons in the Gospel as you journey with Jesus. Take some time to reflect on your personal passion during this difficult coronavirus pandemic. The God of loving kindness and compassion is walking with us. Within our personal, family and work situation, God desires to bless us with grace and strength.

The mental, emotional, and physical suffering of Jesus defies our full comprehension. Perhaps at times, we do not fully comprehend the mental, emotional and physical suffering of our loved ones, our neighbors, our public servants and leaders. Recall Jesus’ approach to people during His suffering, he was focused and centered on living his vocation and call. He was patient, forthright and forgiving.

The Passion of our Lord is a story of love -- God’s deep love for each person, created in God’s image -- a love so deep that God sent His Son, Jesus, into the world to reveal that love. Finally, I include a quote from author Margaret Renkl from her book, Late Migrations: “the shadow side of love is always loss, and grief is only love’s own twin.” Let us pray for one another!


Cindi K Brawner
04/03/2020 6:36 am

Thank you, Sr. Jane. This is a beautiful reflection that I will keep with me all week!

May your Holy Week be filled with love and grace. Stay safe. Let us pray for each other and all touched by the current situation.


04/03/2020 6:47 am

Thank you, Jane, for the hope you offer during thisdifficult time. God bless you.

Father Bill Jacobs
04/03/2020 7:23 am

How very beautiful! Only God's Love as you pointed out so powerfully, will get us through this challenging time. My Prayers that all of the "Good Sisters" will stay Safe and at Peace.....

In Christ's Never-ending Love,

Father Bill

04/03/2020 8:28 am

Every Ash Wednesday we begin our Lenten experience in prayer with the prophet Joel, "Rend your hearts, not your garments." (Joel 2:13). And we so often hear - or pray the expression, "Open our hearts ...," "Change our hearts ..." The only way to "open a heart" is to break it. A broken heart is really what's always asked of us in the Lenten experience of 'metanoia,' conversion. Yet, how many of us really give ourselves over to that - willingly? More often, the breaking of our hearts is 'forced upon us.' And it is in these times, as Sister Jane points out, that

"G O D is near to the broken-hearted." (Psalm 38:14)

The prayer of King David begins: “Have mercy on me, O God, in Your goodness” (Ps 51:3). If David, powerful King that he was, could humble himself before God, what stops us from doing the same?

“My sacrifice, O God, is a contrite spirit; a heart contrite and humbled, O God, You will not spurn.” —Psalm 51:19

Paula Charles Benson
04/03/2020 9:35 am

Thank you so very much, Sister Jane and all the Sisters. Every week you send us loving thoughts of how to respond in Jesus’ way.

04/03/2020 10:15 am

God is walking with us and surrounding us with Love. Thank you for the reminder.

Sr. Rose Jochmann
04/04/2020 11:54 am

Thank you for your reflection for Holy Week reminding us that the Passion of our Lord is a story of love. Thank you, too, for relating this week to our current experiences with the coronavirus.

Claire Letourneaux
04/05/2020 7:28 am

Your words truly expose our God’s love for us all. Thank you for this beautiful reflection. Yes, it is a different Holy Week , it will be one we will remember as we take the walk without physical presence of companions and believers. God will get us through this...stay safe and healthy +++

04/05/2020 11:25 am

Thank you for your helpful words that remind us to never take the Easter season as just something to "get through" or tolerate. I believe God's perfect timing of this pandemic will force us to rethink our lives and revere the beautiful gift of Easter -- together again next year and thereafter.

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