Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Reflection for April 3, 2016

Our work is with the Doubting Thomases of today

by Sister Agnes Fischer

“We have seen the Lord!”

That’s what the disciples said but Thomas did not believe them. So how can we get people today to believe, people who believe only what they see and touch?

Do the “Little Toms” in our own home see and hear us praying and sharing our faith with them? Does the “Thomas Family” next door know us as friendly and caring neighbors? For the “Widow Thomas” down the street, is her sidewalk shoveled, her lawn mowed, her windows washed? Does she have a ride to church or to the store or doctor? “Thomas” the paper boy, the mail carrier, the janitor: Do we know them by name and have a friendly word for them?

All of these, much more than Thomas the Apostle, want and need to see and touch Jesus in us.


Very cool, Ag! Love how you brought out the call to new evangelization and mercy in your reflection. Thank you!

Excellent, Aggie! What else can be said?

Good food for thought Aggie, Thanks sis.

You challenge us to live our faith with real people and in real ways. Thank you!

Simple ways that we can share the love every day ~ thanks for reminding us, Aggie!!

I love this reflection. Thank you!

Wow! This reflection really made me think & reminded me of all of the people I sometimes forget to remember!

Very creative way to spread the Good News.

Your challenge got me thinking of how I interact with others! Thanks for the inspiration!

Very thoughtful, Agnes. Makes the good news touch real life. Thank you

This was fun, and made evangelization seem very doable. A good "checklist" for my daily life.

Thank you, Sister Agnes, for the beautiful reflection! I will share it with others!


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