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Reflection for April 27, 2014

Reflection for April 27, 2014

Divine Mercy Sunday: Give your burdens to Godwho can make all new



by Sister Francis Bangert

Have you ever been given the uncomplimentary label of a "doubting Thomas"? Thomas simply did not believe Jesus had risen from the dead. His other name, Didymus means "twin." Like most twins, he was probably compared to, in conflict with, and forced to share with his twin sibling. This background could have colored his outlook on life with habits of doubt or distrust.  At the same time, he was part of the inner circle of Jesus' followers and exhibited great courage (like going with Jesus to Bethany to raise Lazarus -- a dangerous situation since the religious leaders were plotting to kill Jesus).   

Thomas didn't doubt Jesus' resurrection out of fear. He continued to meet with the other followers in the upper room. He just was absent the first time Jesus appeared to them. He wanted some kind of proof that they weren't seeing things. He was given clear evidence that Jesus was alive and exclaimed with awe, "My Lord and My God."

We, too, have clear evidence of the Resurrection. When we give over our problems, worries and addictions to our Risen Lord, the power of His Spirit at work in us can transform us, doing infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. On this Divine Mercy Sunday, let us be open to receive the transforming love of the Divine and respond with humble faith, gratitude and joy.


Amen Sister!

Beautifully put, thank you.

Reassuring and insightful. Thank you Sr. Fran.

Thanks Fran. Well done.

Thank you, Fran. How merciful Jesus was to Thomas' doubts and to mine as well.

I can relate to Thomas' doubts. Thanks for the reassuring message.

Well said! Thanks for your inspiring message!


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