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Reflection for April 16, 2023

Reflection for April 16, 2023

Keeping the faith

There are opportunities every day to be resurrection people 

by Sister Agnes Fischer

Happy are those who, without seeing, believe.

  • Those who, without seeing the Risen Christ, believe in the Resurrection.
  • Those who, without receiving the health results they have prayed for, continue to believe in the goodness and power of Christ.
  • Those who, despite the faults of many Christians, believe in the holiness of the Church.
  • Those who, while keeping vigil with the body of a deceased loved one, believe in the infinite mercy of God who will raise that beloved to eternal happiness.
  • Those who, without seeing Christ in the person of the priest, believe that, when he pardons them in confession, it is Christ who pardons.
  • Those who, without seeing Christ, believe that He is there in the exploited, the oppressed, the hungry, the imprisoned, those seeking justice, bread, compassion, and human warmth.


Kathleen Matchefts
04/14/2023 7:04 am

Powerful. Thank you

Sister Laura
04/14/2023 7:08 am

Thanks Aggie. This gives us a great perspective to see with the eyes of Christ.

Sister Joanne Goessl
04/14/2023 9:15 am

I want to firmly live that prayer. Thanks for giving me words.

Mary Jo
04/14/2023 10:35 am

Amazing prayer Aggie.

Diann Wimmer
04/14/2023 10:59 am

Thank you, Aggie. This is the most meaningful application of faith beyond doubt.

04/14/2023 12:11 pm

Thank you Sr Aggie. This gives me the resource to reflect if I am living out these words.

Irene Whatley
04/14/2023 12:45 pm

Even though we do question we believe!

04/14/2023 4:03 pm

Beautiful reflection on how we believe, even though we do not see.

04/15/2023 9:46 am

Thanks Aggie, good reflection. BTW, I love your new picture, You don't look a day older than 60.

Barbara Z
04/18/2023 1:16 pm

One of my encouraging wise sentence--"hope is an action verb"

With your reflection, Sister Agnes, thank you. Some considerable thought.."belief" is an action verb.

Alleluia blessings to all.

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