Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Sister Nancy Langlois

Grandmother's stories of the Sisters' presence inspired her to become one

Sister Nancy Langlois

Doctor Deneys told my mother that she was going to have another boy.  He suggested she name him Glenn Francis after himself.  What a surprise when a baby girl was delivered!  No Glenn Francis - but Nancy Leone - a name suggested by my grandmother's youngest sister who lived in California. I was born October 24 in Green Bay to Norman Donald and Mary Margaret (LeGault) Langlois. We lived only a short time in Green Bay before moving to Marinette where I grew up.

I credit my maternal grandmother, who had a stroke and lived with our family, for planting the seed of my religious vocation. As a very young child she shared with me stories about Father Daems, Adele and her companions at The Chapel (now known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help) - stories that had circulated in her family for years. I remember thinking then how I would like to be "one of them" someday. That vocational seed was nurtured during my grade school days by the Bay Settlement Sisters who taught at St. Joseph School in Marinette.

In September 1954 I entered the aspirancy of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross at The Chapel at Robinsonville.  I was on my way to becoming "one of them" as I had dreamt about as a child at Grandma's knee. My life in Community has been full, rich and deeply blest. My ministries have been many and varied - teacher, principal, pastoral associate, staff member at the House of Prayer, domestic violence women's advocate, and hospice chaplain. I have also served the Community as a General Councilor, Community Secretary and am now preparing to serve as member of the Leadership Team.

In many and surprising ways God has called me to use the gifts given me in service to God's people. I have grown into my vocation and my ministries with God's blessing and the help and support of Community, family and friends.  For all I am deeply grateful.

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