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Travel tips

Travel tips
There are many roads to the Resurrection; which one is yours?

by Sister Elise Cholewinski

Recently our pastor shared the story of how he bought a new bumper sticker for his car. It said: “Slow down. Chill out. Enjoy the ride.” He was hoping that irritated drivers behind him, anxious to get somewhere fast, would read the message and calm down. Apparently that bumper sticker wasn’t too effective, and Father Joe has since removed it.

We live in a very fast-paced world. People seem to always want to get to the next place sooner that it usually takes. Next year’s commitments are already on their calendars. When they have questions, they go to the Internet and receive immediate answers.

As we continue this season of Lent, we might want to keep the words of that bumper sticker before our eyes and allow them to guide us on our journey.

  • “Slow down.” Can we cross some things off our schedules and just relax in the beauty of God’s creation as we observe the dawning spring? Can we add an extra time of prayer to our daily agendas?
  • “Chill out.” Can we let go of the trivia in our lives and focus on the Word of God and the needs of our sisters and brothers? Can we declutter our lives and make a place for getting in touch with the Sacred Story?
  • “Enjoy the ride.” We will encounter bumps on the road, so the ride won’t always be so enjoyable. Meditating on the Passion of Jesus will evoke a heaviness and a sadness. But walking with Him through those dark hours will lead us to the enjoyment of a deeper friendship.

“Slow down. Chill out. Enjoy the ride.” Following these tips won’t leave us stuck on a dead-end road. Rather, they will open before us many avenues of spiritual growth and development, all meeting at one destination – the experience of Resurrection.


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