Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Find the light, be the light

Find the light, be the light
We can be in awe of and bring God's Light throughout the year

Light shines on the righteous  and joy on the upright in heart. ~ Psalm 97:11

by Sister Laura Zelten

Would you be surprised if I told you I visited the "Garden of Lights" at the Green Bay Botanical four times last December?

It's true!  This annual event sponsored by Wisconsin Public Service features tens of thousands of colorful lights shaped and strung into caterpillars, butterflies, swans, flowers, rainbows, icicles and so much more. Each time I walked the trails I enjoyed watching people's expressions as they were surprised and awed by the thousands of colored lights in this magical winter wonderland.

A similar Light -- one that knows and brings joy -- is with you and me. I discover this Light in my Sisters in so many ways. Oftentimes, I hear from friends who have visited our Motherhouse that they find peace as they enter our front door. The Sisters welcome each visitor with warmth and joy and minister to people by being present to them and holding them in prayer.

I personally feel their support in my ministry as Campus Minister at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  They welcome the students into their lives by being prayer partners, baking treats, attending Sunday evening Mass, inviting them to Mass at the Motherhouse, and listening to their stories with love.

As we celebrate Candlemas Day -- the day on which candles are blessed to symbolize Christ, the light of the world -- we also celebrate the women and men who are called to the Consecrated Life. Pray for us that we may continue to symbolize the Light of Christ to so many in our world.


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