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Laurie and Don Rettmann

Laurie and Don Rettmann

Don says: I am so glad to be an Associate. All these years together have given me a more fully spiritual life with myself and my family. I pay more attention to worldly affairs and family life. There is no end to the friendships that have been formed by being an Associate. It has taught me the meaning of being more frugal and not “keeping up with the Jones”. More is not always better. Thanks for letting me be an Associate with the Sisters in caring for their Mission and spreading their Charism.

And Laurie says: Being an Associate has made me more aware of others and their concerns. I feel I’m more compassionate to my spouse and our family.

In adopting Franciscan values, material things are not very important to me. Don doesn’t need to buy me diamonds anymore and our car isn’t the latest model. It’s a much more satisfying way of living.

As an Associate it’s a privilege to share the Sisters’ lives and their homes. Their welcome mat is always out. This helps a person to have a better sense of belonging. It’s a wonderful gift to be an Associate. As a great-grandmother, I hope to be one for a long time to come.

I’m thankful for my sister, Sister Carlotta Ullmer, for inviting me to join the Associate Relationship.

What are Associates?

The Associate Relationship is open to men and women who want to:

  • deepen their relationship
  • with God
  • partner with the Sisters in prayer and Gospel mission
  • model a new vision of community in their lives
  • strive to live Gospel values in their daily lives

Sister Ruth Ann LaBine, Associate Director

Sister Ruth Ann LaBine, Director of Associates, is glad to answer any of your questions. You can reach her at 920-884-2729 or via e-mail using our Contact form.

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