• Sister Ruth Ann says she wouldn't teach anywhere but a Catholic school

  • A basket of blessings from us to our World Youth Day pilgrims!

  • Blessings of 3 pear trees, gifted to us by the family of Wayne Walters.

  • Sister Cecelia Blonde's mission: To share God's love

  • St. Francis and some Sisters attend Lifest in Oshkosh.

  • 'Lord, your mercy reaches to heaven; your fidelity, to the clouds.' Psalm 36:6

  • Sister Nancy Langlois tutors women from Somalia.

  • Torches for the 800th anniversary of St.Clare joining St. Francis in mission.

  • Sisters Clairann and Urban enjoy each other's company.

  • Notre Dame students give service time at our motherhouse.

'Mosaic pilgrimage' combines art and prayer

12 commissioned pieces allow us to praise God through creation

Experience a Franciscan pilgrimage without leaving northeast Wisconsin.

The Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross have assembled a 4-minute "Mosaic Pilgrimage" for Lent. It's based on our highly popular "Mosaic Pilgrimage" which more than 300 people have experienced.

The mosaics were commissioned for our new motherhouse, built in 2006. We wanted something unique to us and part of our spiritual heritage, something that would permiate the building and grounds to remind us of who we are.

The 12 distinctive "prayer" mosaics include seven dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi's famous " The Canticle of the Creatures", four are of Franciscan values (conversion, contemplation, poverty and minority), and one connects the tabernacle, altar and ambo in our Chapel.

The mosaics were created by artist Kathryn Schnabel who describes the mosaics as "poignant and intimate" pieces about spiritual marriage. See a four-minute video (above) about the mosaics. iPad and iPhone users: Please visit http://vimeo.com/87831998.

The Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross was established in 1881 to educate immigrant children and adults in northeast Wisconsin. The Sisters are rooted in the Cross, Sacred Word and Eucharist, and they value simplicity, hospitality, and prayer.

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