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Summertime Simplicity

Friday, June 21, 2013


Zelten_Laura_Sister2012-100pxby Sister Laura Zelten

Summer is one of my favorite seasons. In March as I took my morning walk I made the comment, "I just want summer to come so I can walk in my t-shirt and shorts."

I love these days of summer with warm sunshine and beautiful flowers. This year my favorite spot is the garden in our yard. I love to be out there with my hoe and just soak in all that is growing around me. It feels good to "clean up" the weeds from in between the tiny plants or to mulch around the tomatoes.

There's something about the pace of summer, a slowing down and getting away from the stress of ordinary life. It's a time when many families take their vacations or start their weekends "up north." As Sisters, many of us take our silent retreat during the summer months. The days of summer are the optimal conditions for contemplative living. We give ourselves permission to slow down, be still, and savor life. It is time to simply stand in the middle of the garden of life without doing something. It is a call to live with greater mindfulness of the love that surrounds life and of the very gift of life from our loving God.

This summer may you find a sense of gratitude for summer's restoration of spirit and a perennial need of summer days to maintain spiritual vitality.

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