Alive with Franciscan joy

Changing -- and letting go

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011AutumnBranches02As I look out my window I see the last leaves hanging on a tree.  The wind is blowing and they seem to be determined not to be swept away.  Or the pine tree that is still green and praising God with its branches held high.

I do love all seasons but autumn seems to hold a special treasure.  The beauty it holds with the many colors and stark changes.  I like to see autumn as God's in-between time.  The summer activities have finished, we have returned to a routine and are waiting for that first snowfall.

I ask myself … how do I see God in all of life's changes?  Can I be open to seeing God in all seasons and events? And like the tree with the determined leaves … what am I afraid to let go of?

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