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Celebrating Triduum

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gaze upon Christ, contemplate Christ, consider Christ, imitate Christ

Zelten_Laura_Sister2012-100pxToday is Holy Thursday and we begin the Paschal Triduum. A triduum is a three-day period of prayer, usually in preparation for an important feast or in celebration of that feast. This Triduum recalls the suffering, dying and rising of Christ beginning Holy Thursday evening and concluding Easter Sunday.

The days are like a seamless garment of prayer. We begin with the washing of feet and end with Mary Magdalene running to the disciples announcing, "Jesus has risen."  I love the fact that I can take these holy days as a mini-retreat. They flow into each other and the symbols are so strong. We use ordinary water, fire, incense, a pitcher and towel, the cross and music to celebrate this extraordinary time.

My prayer this Triduum is that, like St. Clare, each of us can take time to gaze upon Christ, contemplate Christ, consider Christ and imitate Christ, and live every day in the spirit of the Resurrection. May we together grow during this time as Easter people.

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