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Dad's socks, Mom's gifts on St. Nick

Monday, December 5, 2011

DadsSocksby Sister Laura Zelten

My mother was great for celebrating the not-so-big holidays.  I remember her always calling upstairs in the morning reminding us of why the coming day was special.  It could be Ground Hog Day, the first day of a season, Mardi Gras, April Fools, or Abraham Lincoln's birthday.

I have fond memories around the feast of St. Nick.  The night of Dec. 5 after supper my three sisters and I would begin to prepare our socks.  We always wanted my Dad's socks.  We thought the bigger the sock the more we would receive.  We would make sure we had our name on our respective sock.  There was no way we wanted St. Nick to mix them up.

Isn't funny that I don't remember the type of candy we found but I do remember there was always a popcorn ball wrapped in red or green cellophane, a tangerine, and peanuts in the shell, a candy cane and a small gift.  My gift was usually a box of crayons -- the big 64 box -- and a coloring book.  I was so happy to see all those new and unbroken crayons.  I would look for the unusual colors like periwinkle.  The tangerine never made it past breakfast.

Now I remember the love my Mom had for us by knowing especially what each of her daughters liked.  How happy she was to see us that morning discovering the treasures in my Dad's socks.

On this feast of St. Nicholas what are the mysteries that lie deep with in your heart?  How to share God's radical generosity with others?  Blessings on your day.


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