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Kabat_Mary_Sr2012-100pxThank you for making so much possible

Dear Friend,

"Thank you" are words that come from the heart. We Sisters say "thank you" to our donors and friends knowing the thought, love and sacrifice your gift brings. With your help we can continue our mission, provide for the needs of our retired Sisters, reduce the debt remaining on our beautiful Motherhouse and reach out to help those in need near and far. You do more than "support" our mission; you truly "share" our mission. For that we say, "Thank you!"

100% of your gift goes to the use for which you have designated it. You can designate your gift for:

  • Where Most Needed - Your gift to this designation helps us reduce the debt on our Motherhouse.
  • Motherhouse Debt - We built our current Motherhouse in 2006 due to the high cost of updating and repairing our former Motherhouse and the desire to better provide for the health needs of our retired Sisters. We conducted a capital campaign in 2005 to raise funds for the Motherhouse. At this time 80% of the total cost of the Motherhouse has been paid. Your gift helps us reduce the remaining debt.
  • Living Expenses - Your gift to this designation helps pay for the ordinary needs of daily life - food, medical care, utilities, and such expenses not covered by our Sisters' earnings.
  • Retirement Fund - Our Retirement Fund was started in 1971. The fund is used to meet the daily and medical needs of our Sisters 70 and older whose earnings do not cover their expenses. In the past we could limit our use to the interest the fund gained, but as the number of our retired Sisters and the cost of living has increased, this fund is already being used. Your gift would help us reach the recommended funding level to meet the retirement needs of the Sisters now and in the future.
  • Sisters' Charity to the Needy - We call this the HOPE Fund. Your gift helps us meet emergency needs and support projects which directly assist the poor. These funds are given to worthy local, national and international needs as researched by the Sisters on our Monitoring Committee.
  • Sisters' Ministries with the Disadvantaged - Your gift to this fund supports Sisters working in programs, projects or institutions that assist the poor.

To make a gift, simply visit our Donate Today page. You can print the form and send it with your check or you can follow the link that leads to our secure credit card giving page. Also please consider us in your estate planning. You have our thanks and prayers.

Sister Mary Kabat
Development Director

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Planning for Your and Our Future

The Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross are a not-for profit 501c(3) corporation. We are recognized by the IRS as a charitable organization. Any donations made to us are tax deductible. Our corporate title for legal documents is SISTERS OF ST. FRANCIS OF THE HOLY CROSS. Our development office adheres to the guidelines of the National Catholic Development Conference. View our Annual Development Report and read the latest message from our Leadership Team. 3110 Nicolet Drive Green Bay, WI 54311-7212 920-468-1828