Thank you, friends, for your generosity

Dear Friends,

As we look back upon 2018 we are moved to a spirit of deep gratitude for all God has done for and through us.  It was a year to reflect on the 150 years of our Community’s existence and to celebrate events and persons who have shaped our way of life and ministry.

Not least among God’s gifts to us are you our friends, relatives and benefactors, who have partnered with us. Through your prayers, generous financial gifts, and support you have enabled and shared in the mission of Jesus which has been given to us. Without you we would never be able to be and do all that God has called forth from us, not only in this past year but throughout our history. Your generosity has not only supported us in life and ministry, but it has motivated and encouraged us to live ever more deeply our charism of prayer, presence and hospitality.

With this thank you comes our promise of prayer for you, for your loved ones, and for all the intentions you hold in your heart.  May our loving God bless you abundantly.

The Leadership Team of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross

published January 2019

Sr. Ann Rehrauer

Sr. Nancy Langlois
1st vice president

Sr. Rose Jochmann
2nd vice president