Thank you, friends, for your generosity

Dear Friends,

During this past year, our nation experienced significant challenges.  The election process seemed more divisive than ever before.  Thousands of people suffered from floods, hurricanes and wildfires.  Gun violence and attacks at home and abroad eroded our sense of security and well being.  Yet in the midst of all of this, we also experienced the courage of first responders who risked their own lives to save others, the generosity of those who reached out to assist so many who had lost family and property and even their hope for the future, and people of integrity who spoke out against injustices past and present.

In our corner of the world, we have experienced that same sense of generosity and care from you, our donors, who provide for our needs.  Your personal sacrifices and gifts to support us have enabled us to care for our retired sisters, to continue our ministry in the areas of education, pastoral care, faith development, working to combat human trafficking, and advocating for those who have no voice or power.

As our partners in ministry you share in all that God has been able to accomplish in and through us.  Daily, we pray for all of you who live the faith you profess and who work with us to further God’s reign in our time and place.


The Leadership Team Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross

published January 2018

Sr. Ann Rehrauer

Sr. Nancy Langlois
1st vice president

Sr. Rose Jochmann
2nd vice president