Reflection for May 10, 2015

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Remembering and imitating God's profound love is our call

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by Sister Laura Zelten

On Sunday we will celebrate Mother's Day, so it is very fitting to hear Jesus' commandment to love one another -- a love that is like God's love. "As the Father loves me, so I also love you. Remain in my love." (John 15:9)

We are called to be like God -- the God who has a passion for love and justice, the God who is concerned for all of creation, the God who has a special concern for the poor.

Throughout chapter 15, John calls our attention to the fundamental theme of all the gospels: Love. Jesus invites us to fall in love, to live in love.  To know, taste and feel the strength of love -- all in the midst of our humanity. Yes, just as we are, Jesus calls us to love one another.

Reflection questions:
  1. Have you met a person who loves everybody in an all-inclusive way? How has this person's love affected you?
  2. Have you experienced the love of a mother figure in your life? How has this experience helped you to love other people?


3 Comment(s)

  • Sr. Paulette: Friday, May 8, 2015

    Thanks for the reflections & questions on LOVE.

  • Linda: Friday, May 8, 2015

    The day of the shooting on the Bridge in Menasha, I heard of the mother's courageous love. And I thought, 'Yes, a Mother's Love - what a truly beautiful image / reality to contemplate!'

    Then I heard a news report say that the last thing her husband said to her was, "Forgive the shooter." And I was so moved once again - and in a most striking way realized that a Father's Forgiving Heart and a Mother's Courageous Love had come together in and through this 'evil,' And I 'saw' and 'understood' the dying and death of JESUS on the cross ... and how and why Resurrection occurred.

    It was all in and through and with a Mother's Very Brave and Courageous Holy Love and in and through and with a Father's Holy, Forgiving Heart.

    Paschal Mystery.

  • Jeanette: Friday, May 8, 2015

    John is my favorite Gospel writer simply because he does preach of LOVE. I can love all of humanity, even if I do not like a particular person. Believe it or not, my mother figure has been Sister Paulette. I lost my mother way too early and needed someone strong and guiding in my life. She was there!