Weekly Reflections

Reflection for May 31, 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fix your heart on God for we are His heirs

We invite you to take a few minutes to gaze upon the image below. Then consider one or each reflective question.

Reflective questions:

  1. Keep God's commandment, says Moses to the people. Is God's law my law?
  2. The Holy Spirit leads us to God's great glory. Have I proclaimed this?
  3. "Go make disciples," Jesus instructs the faithful. Whom have I welcomed?




Reflection for June 15, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Trinity Sunday: Have you joined the dance?


by Sister Charlene Hockers

We express the meaning of the Trinity with phrases such as "Three Persons in One God" or "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" or with images of a triangle or three-leaf clover.

Some theologians use the Greek word "perichoresis" to describe the Trinity. "Peri" means near or around, while "chor" means "to dance around." Perichoresis gives us "a picture of the three Persons in one love, interacting dynamically, making the rounds of each other as in a dance, reciprocally and mutually exchanging beauty and delight," writes Therese Sherlock, CSJ. This divine dance is an open circle to which each of us is invited to participate, to be in relationship with our God. We are invited to bow down and worship! We are to contemplate His love, mercy and glory! We are to serve this awesome, gracious God!

Prayer: O You who created, redeemed and sanctified us, help us to enter more deeply into this awesome mystery of Love. Amen.

Reflection question:
  1. What difference does how we image the Trinity make in our lives?
  2. Will we participate in the Divine Dance?

(Sources: Therese Sherlock, CSJ, "Sunday by Sunday"; "Word Among Us" June 2014)