Reflection for Feb. 17, 2019

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Pursuing an ever-lasting joy

Sunday's Sermon on the Plain reminds us of the riches of the Kingdom to come

Think back to Christmas. Do you remember your favorite gift and the excitement or happiness you felt? Has that joy continued or has it waned a bit?

This Sunday’s readings, particularly Jesus’ sermon on the plain, remind us that the things of this world do not bring us real sustained joy. Only Jesus does. Not possessions, not success. Only Jesus.

Reflection question: When do I feel closest to Jesus?

  1. In times of prayer such as Mass or private prayer
  2. In times of service to others (listening to someone else without judging or talking about my problems, sharing a meal, helping with a task)
  3. In times of forgiveness when I let go of grudges or when I realize I have made poor choices, hurt others and separated myself from Jesus

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CommentBubbleI feel close to Jesus when I'm enjoying the beauty of nature, colored leaves in fall, everything budding out in spring, a flowing river. I feel close to Jesus when I volunteer at the A & A Alexandrina Ctr helping young families and when I get to be a small part in helping save a baby from abortion. I also feel close to Jesus when I spend time with my two precious gifts from Jesus--my grandsons. Everything I have is a beautiful gift from him. -- Karen