Reflection for Dec. 30, 2018

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Wisdom revealed

The example of Jesus at the temple demonstrates God's work in time, and God's time at work

For Sunday’s Feast of the Holy Family we hear the story of 12-year-old Jesus engaging with teachers at the temple while his parents departed from Jerusalem, unknowingly without their son. The last sentence in Gospel reads: “And Jesus advanced in wisdom and age and favor before God and man.”

The Gospel implies that Jesus was not born with all the answers, that God revealed wisdom over time. This is comforting especially in times when we feel a spiritual “dryness” or don’t understand the readings or Church teachings. If you are seeking a new year’s resolution consider praying for strength or patience so that you can stick with your journey of faith. Allow God to reveal wisdom at the right time.

Young -Jesus -600

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CommentBubbleI love this picture! JESUS, Jewish Mid-Eastern boy! It is note-worthy, too, that this climactic gospel ending, "JESUS grew in wisdom, age, and grace ..." is expressed on a day that recognizes the family as central to just such growth and development of each child. Religious communities, too, like families of nurture and care, are called upon to help advance each member's personal and spiritual development. Such a liberating, yet supportive environment, requires wisdom and grace, for sure! And an openness to 'new life;' 'new' ways-of-God! -- Linda