Reflection for Nov. 25, 2018

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

What's in a name?

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The Feast of Christ the King alludes to the One who cares for all, protects all and gives them His all

by Sister Ann Rehrauer

As Americans, we are sometimes a bit skeptical about the image of kingship because of our historic struggles with King George in 1776 and our experience of a different form of government.  People from Great Britain or another nation with a monarchy, however, have a different appreciation for this image of the Kingship of Christ because of their experience and affection for their ruling king or queen.

In ancient Israel, two terms were used to describe both God and their civil ruler. “Lordship” denoted aspects of power, of one who “ruled over” the people, and demanded obedience and allegiance. “Kingship” described the one who embodied the sense of the people. He was the symbol of the nation, one who cared for their well being, who protected and inspired them, and was ready to give his life on their behalf.

In the passages from Daniel and Revelation, Jesus is portrayed as high priest and the Lord who comes at the end of time in glory and power. His Kingdom will encompass all that is and his reign will be forever one of justice and peace. 

In the Gospel account of the end of his physical life, Jesus stands before the judgment seat of Pilate who struggles to understand Jesus’ role. If Jesus is truly a king then he is a political rival of Caesar and a danger to the state. If he is not a king, then why has he garnered such loyal followers? Jesus explained the meaning of his Kingship as a witness to TRUTH and to the unimaginable love of God who cared enough to sacrifice his only Son. 

For us, whether or not we appreciate the image of Kingship, we experience and celebrate the love of Christ who offered his life for us, who intercedes for us before the Father, who accompanies us on the journey of life and who will come again in glory at the end of time.

For the fullness of his reign in each of us and in our world, we pray “Come soon, Lord Jesus!”

Reflection Question:

Besides kingship – what other titles or images for Jesus are part of your prayer? 

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