Five things about faith I learned from the game of baseball

Patience, practice and perseverance help deepen one’s faith in God

by Sister Mary Kabat
published February 2016

Spring is here and the new baseball season has begun!  Baseball is my favorite sport to watch whether it’s a local team like the Green Bay Bullfrogs or a national team like the Milwaukee Brewers.  I look forward to a new season each year and am sad when it ends.

Much of what I enjoy about baseball can be applied to life -- as a human being and as a Christian.

  1. Baseball is not a race.  As a long, nine-inning game -- or more -- it requires endurance, discipline and practice.  Life and faith are for the long haul too.  Brushing our teeth or taking time for prayer are not something to be done once and ignored.  Repetition of the good is needed, even more for “veterans.”
  2. Baseball is a game of strategy.  So too, in life and in faith, having a plan, a goal and the flexibility to adjust to the challenges that come our way will serve us well.  Like that opposing team, many forces are working against us.  Keeping the goal in sight, whether a win or fullness of life with God, will help us through the hitting droughts and the dark times in life.
  3. Baseball players succeed by listening to their coaches and managers.  We have the best coach for life and faith in Jesus!  All we need to know about God, relationships, balance of life and prayer, joy and suffering, He has shown us and taught us.  Like players, we need to put what we learn into daily practice.
  4. Baseball and life aren’t easy.  We make mistakes.  We let loved ones down.  Life offers us new beginnings, Jesus offers us forgiveness, and baseball offers the player a new chance with each at bat, inning and game.
  5. Every baseball player has a role that contributes to the team.  We, as followers of Jesus, have God-given gifts to share and opportunities to bring light and compassion to others and our world.

Batter up!  Go out there and hit a homerun!

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“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.” Yogi Berra