Creating disciples and bearing much fruit in Nicaragua

Adult faith & leadership program that Sisters helped create continues with changes

by Renae Bauer
published November 2017

It’s always good to see an old friend, especially one who is doing well.

Our Sisters first met María José Delgado when several members of our Community were missioned to Muelle de los Bueyes, Nicaragua. The Sisters, in collaboration with Franciscan Capuchin missionary priests and a handful of local leaders, helped form that region’s adult faith formation and lay leadership program. María José, who was a member of a lay theological group in Managua, was among the local leaders who helped develop instructional materials used in the new program.

“She was a good teacher,” says Sister Agnes Fischer, who was missioned to Nicaragua from 1973 to 2004 and occasionally returns to the Diocese of Bluefields (to which Muelle de los Bueyes belongs) to help with its archives. María José’s talents were evident to many, including the Diocese of Bluefields. In 2001, she was invited to further her theological studies in São Paulo, Brazil, at her own expense. Our Community was able to help her with funds earmarked to help educate rural teachers in Nicaragua. María José graduated and went on to earn a doctorate in Old Testament studies in Rome.

Many years have gone by since the leadership program was first developed and the time has come to update the instructional materials. María José has been charged with updating the books -- a formidible task. So she decided to call on an old friend, Father August Seubert, one of the Capuchin missionaries who
has written extensively on all the New Testament and edited Bluefields' original materials, says Sister Agnes. Now retired, Father Augie lives at St. Fidelis Friary in Appleton.

After nearly a year of planning, María José and Father Augie finally connected. María José arrived in mid-summer and stayed with Sister Agnes and Sister Anne Margaret Carmody on Green Bay’s west side. For a week, Sister Agnes and María José drove to and from Appleton where María José and Father Augie reviewed and revised all of the scriptural materials.

Congratulations, María José, on all your hard work to benefit the Church and its people in Nicaragua!

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EDITING PROCESS: María José Delgado and Father August Seubert, OFM Cap, update catechetical materials. (submitted photos)