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Sister Mary Paul Thetreau

Sister Mary Paul Thetreau

Sister Mary Paul Thetreau comes from a faith-filled family, a daughter of the late Paul and Rose Thetreau of St. Joseph Parish in Marinette.

She attended St. Joseph School which was staffed by the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross and so began her vocation. She fondly remembers helping the Sisters after school and during the summers with watering plants and cleaning the sacristy.

She was received on Aug. 12, 1948. For 15 years she was a homemaker. Then, in the early 1960s, Superior General Sister Ambrose Nichols wrote to the Community asking for ideas about ministries that that the Community should pursue. Sister Mary Paul suggested nursing knowing that it would be an unusual one for a Community of educators. Eventually, her suggestion was accepted and within several years Sister completed a local nursing program.

For the next 40 years, she ministered in several different areas of nursing: hospital, clinic, and many years at Rennes Nursing Home both in Peshtigo and Appleton. “All were really good experiences,” says Sister.

Unlike the teachers who receive phone calls and visits from former students, Sister Mary Paul hopes the dear ones she cared for who are in eternity are praying for her.  She is grateful for all the small things she is able to do and has plenty of time for reading and praying.

“My first prayer when I go to bed at night is to thank God for all that I have then to thank our first Sisters and generous supporters.”

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