Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, WI

Sister Jeanette Peplinski

Rhythm to Sister's life always has been music ministry

Sister Jeanette Peplinski

Sister Jeanette Peplinski, the daughter of Alex and Wanda Peplinski and the eldest of seven children, entered St. Francis Convent as an aspirant in 1938. She was received into the Sisters of St. Francis in 1941 and began her ministry as a music teacher at Holy Cross Parish at Bay Settlement. Sister Jeanette’s music ministry also included Holy Cross Parish choir, grade school orchestra, the Sisters’ orchestra, private piano lessons and supporting polka Masses in the Green Bay area.

In 1977, Sister Jeanette went to Tache, an Indian village on the shores of Stuart Lake in central British Columbia, Canada, where she spent 14 years (preceded by six summers there) “living with the people,” as she is fond of saying. She left Canada in 1992 to return home to care for her parents. 

Sister Jeanette moved back to the Motherhouse in 2000 where she continues to play the organ. Two local nursing homes welcome her monthly where she entertains the residents with piano and sometimes her accordion.

“In you, O Lord, I place my trust.”   ~ Psalm 25

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