Summer days

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Veggiesby Sister Laura Zelten

As I was driving across town this week I counted all the vegetable stands on the street corners.  To be exact there were seven going from the west to east.  Each one had a variety of fruits and veggies.  The stands were so beautiful with all the different colors, textures and sizes.  I reflected first on the Canticle of Creatures from St. Francis of Assisi and with him said, "Praise be you, my Lord."

Francis was at one with the earth and God's love.  He was able to see the presence of God in the smallest of creatures, which led me to ask, "During this summer season do I take time to appreciate even the spiders and ants I find on my walls or walks?"  Secondly, I reflected on the gifts these fruits and veggies require, from the work of the farmer, the nutrients of the earth, the seed itself, the rain (when it falls) and the sun.  We need all of these to produce the fruits of the earth.  We also need trust in God. When we plant that first seed we have hope that it will grow and give.

What are the seeds that I need to sow in order to share God's presence in the world? Do I trust that God calls me daily to share my gifts with others?  I love this time of year; it has so many lessons for life.