Stargazers are models of faith

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Magi story tells how faith draws you and me to Our Savior

ZeltenLauraSister2010-10_100pxby Sister Laura Zelten

Star-GoldThe star is one of my favorite Christmas symbols.  We see stars on top of Christmas trees, hung on houses and present in Nativity scenes.

The star in today's Gospel points the way to Jesus.  The story of the magi directs our attention to stargazers who looked beyond themselves to the heavens. They found reason -- or better, encouragement -- to leave their comfort zone to discover the Source of all life and light.  They encourage us to continue our search for the One who draws us toward God.  The magi read the astral signs, recognized the true identity of the child, and understood the message in a dream that told them to return home by another route.  Their openness brought them to the child, and they did not go away disappointed.

The Feast of the Epiphany expresses God's will that all creation come to know the God revealed in Jesus Christ, who continues to shine forth in light and love.  The promise of the feast is that all of us are capable of absorbing and reflecting this light so that the whole earth may walk from darkness into light.

  1. Reflection questions:
  2. Do you see yourself at a reflector of God's light, as someone with the desire to provide an epiphany for others?
  3. What helps you recognize the light of God in others?