Being intentional is an opportunity to see the world

Friday, July 6, 2012

roses 2012by Sister Laura Zelten

Driving home from the Convent last evening, I was listening to NPR and heard a piece on the length of days.  July 5 was the longest day of the year.  They explained that it had to do with the way the sun rotated around the earth.

As you can tell I am no scientist.  Yet, I thought; how do I use these extra hours of sunlight during the summer months?  Do I recognize God's presence in the extra hours of light or do I just go on living without being aware of the change in day light?  So, last evening I lived a bit more intentionally and before I went to sleep I took stock of my extra hours of light.  I found that being intentional caused me to see things differently.  I noticed the beauty of the sunset.  I studied the colors of the roses as a watered them.  I was aware of the different song birds at evening.  And I was able to appreciate the beauty of Sr. Marietta's herb garden as we talked together.

This next week my hope is to live a bit more intentional and to be aware of God's presence in all things.