Come, Spirit of Joy

Friday, December 1, 2017

Advent is nearly here ... what does your heart desire?
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by Sister Laura Zelten

In her beautiful book of meditations, “Fragments of Your Ancient Name,” Joyce Rupp writes:

Come, Spirit of Joy, come!
Be reborn in us. Birth enthusiasm.
Leap into our minds with gladness.
Dance away dismal discouragement.
Toss out griping and antipathies.
Topple old fortifications of blame.
Chase away what creates sadness.
Loosen all that keeps out your joy.
Hasten our footsteps to happiness.
Fulfill the designs of your heart. 

God indeed has plans for each of us and God desires our happiness that in our lives we might fulfill the designs of God’s heart. It is through living out our particular vocation that we are called over and over again to fulfill God’s designs in the world. 

Advent is a season of hope, joy and expectation. There is an energy in the air as described in Joyce Rupp’s poem. People are busy preparing for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. In my prayer life, it is an invitation to open myself to God, to be ready for the unexpected. During Advent, I give myself time to reflect on how God is calling me.  I “take stock” of my life to re-examine and renew my commitments in light to my personal relationship with God and others.

In this special liturgical time of waiting anew for the coming of Christ in our hearts and in our world, I will work to receive that invitation and pray, “Come, Spirit of Joy, come! Be reborn in me!”