Beauty found in unexpected ways of following God

Friday, August 5, 2016

by Sister Laura Zelten

Today we celebrate the gift of four women -- Sister Francis Bangert, Sister Jeanette Peplinski, Sister Urban Schumacher and Sister Clare Simon -- who have spent a collective 270 years as Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross. In this group of amazing women we have teachers, musicians, parish ministers, congregational leaders, social justice advocates, a retirement home administrator, and a missionary to the First Nation people in British Columbia, Canada.  Yes, there are more ministries than Sisters because, over the years, these women have grown, taken risks, tried new things, and answered the call to follow Jesus wherever He called them to serve.

Jubilee celebrations are a wonderful time to gather as Community, to celebrate our Sisters, to celebrate our lives together.  During the liturgy, all Sisters and Associates present are invited to stand and bless the Sisters.  It is always a touching moment, in the presence of loved ones, to sing the Blessing of St. Francis and celebrate the lives of our Sisters.

As our Constitutions: Design for Life says:

“The Sister realizes that in Community she can be and do with others what she cannot be or do alone.” 

Jubilee is indeed a day of rejoicing, celebrating and giving thanks to God!