What Pokemon GO can tell us about evangelization

Thursday, July 14, 2016

by Sister Laura Zelten

I was sitting on my porch praying one evening when I looked up and saw a group of people roaming a nearby field. Yes, they were searching for Pokémon.  I must admit, it looked intriguing. I went over to find out how the game works and who these people were. The group of young adults didn’t know each other and yet were engaging in conversation and searching together for the sign post.  It got me thinking, isn’t this what community is about?  

As a community of believers we continue to seek the face of Jesus in the reality of our own world.  As we search, we encounter each other in our faith communities, meeting new people, having conversations and building relationships.  We come together in a spirit of welcome to get to know each other and encounter the risen Jesus alive in the community.  Unlike Pokémon, we are not out to fight and overcome others but to come together as a community of mutual respect and love. 

As Sisters of St Francis of the Holy Cross our signposts of prayer, hospitality and presence direct us to search for a world in which we uphold human dignity, pursue peace and promote Gospel justice.  To build a community where all are welcome and continue to search for the face of Jesus in one another. 

Pokemon Go