Advent: God's love beyond human imagination

posted on: Monday, November 25, 2013 by: EngageTeamCustSvc

AdventWreathLineartby Sister Laura Zelten

"God's extravagant love."  These words of Sister Urban Schumacher come to mind as I think about Advent.  Yes, this is how I would describe Advent.

Advent comes with the extravagant promise of an unconditional love. When we slow down and live the season we discover an awareness of a God who loves us beyond human imagination, and we discover a new awareness of the presence of God in our midst every day. Advent presents new and energizing challenges of what it means to live as God's holy people.  Advent invites us to wait with joy, it promises peace and is a season of wonder.

May your Advent days be filled with quiet prayer, reflection, and daily practices to help you discover the extravagant promises of our extravagant God.


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This is a season of great joy.

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