Reflection for May 12, 2019

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Be alert, be awake

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The Good Shepherd has a plan for you and me

by Sister Agnes Fischer

Jesus said: “My sheep hear my voice and follow me.” That is to say, they pay attention.

These days many of us hear His voice. For Sunday's World Day of Prayer for Vocations, how do we pay attention to the call we were given at our Baptism?

  • Parents and grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles, teachers: How do we tend the precious lambs given to our care?
  • Spouses and significant others: Do our beloveds love Jesus more because of us?
  • Janitors, clerks, wait staff, nurses: Does our work ethic inspire those we serve?
  • Priests, Sisters, Deacons, parish ministers: Does our service radiate joy to the flock that Jesus has entrusted to us?

O God, whose Son Jesus is the Good Shepherd of your people: Grant that those who hear His voice may know that He calls each by name, and give them the grace to pay attention to how they shepherd the flock entrusted to them. Amen

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